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Hire Our Facilities

We do let the community hire out our facilities, however it will be inline with all Government regulations connected to COVID.

We are closed during the lockdown times, sadly at this time we are still closed but will reopen in January 2021. We are aiming for 6th January, however this may change.

If you would like to hire our facilities you would have to fill in a booking form, have a COVID risk assessment and potentially public liability insurance as the school is not a staffed site during the evenings and weekends.

We have a variety of large and small venue rooms available for hire here at Dene Magna. These range from the Sports Hall, Main Hall, outside sporting areas or smaller venue rooms. All of our facilities are generally accessible to wheelchair users.

If you're interested in making a booking and would like more information, please contact Alan Beard or Pete Adams by filling in the form below, alternatively, you can call on 07936357969.

The School is closed 18th December until 5th January 2021.

Please select all facilities you're interested in hiring*