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A message from Mr Brady...

Thank you so much for your ongoing support of how we are trying to keep lessons going during this difficult time.  After a while, this new 'normal' will feel a bit more comfortable. Of course, there may be issues along the way (usually with technology) but we will always try to sort those.  Contact us to let us know what the issue is and we will get onto it.  It is safe to say that we are in this for the long haul at the moment, so a couple of hours lost to technology can always be made up! If by any chance a teacher is not well then the department will try to set work for them.  The Head of Department will also let students know that the teacher may not be able to respond to requests at that time.  Apologies for that, but obviously they will need to be getting well.
It has been so nice to read the responses to the food parcels that were sent out and I would like to thank all of the staff and volunteers who put themselves forward to get these out to our community. The response has been amazing and we will be looking to do that again. Mrs Northcott has done a superb job in making sure that every parcel is stacked with food that is over the amount that we get an allowance for. She really has been a star!
Following the announcement from the Prime Minister last night I do need to thank you for keeping your child away from school and for making sure they are safe in your houses and not out with friends. We do have staff to look after children and I thank them all for doing that. These are very strange times and together, we will all get through it.
Keep an eye on our challenges that are being set over the coming weeks. My juggling is still terrible but it has provided a welcome relief.  If you have any novel ideas then do drop me a line so that we can share them.

As ever, I am proud to be part of our wonderful community.

Stay indoors and stay positive.

Steve Brady