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The Day Home letter...

The Day Home has been launched this week, a daily newsletter for parents and guardians designed to help enrich their children's learning with real-world knowledge and skills. 

Published 7 am Monday to Friday and entirely free for the duration of school closures, The Day Home hopes to set young people on the path to exploring the real world and thinking for themselves.

The Day Home is a brand new daily newsletter published 7 am Monday to Friday and delivered directly to your inbox.

It will include:-

  • A brief guide to the important news of the day.
  • One live topic per day for you to debate with children.
  • Links to the best of the best journalism available anywhere in the world.
  • One activity per day recommended for each of the five Key Stages. Suitable for children aged six to 18.

FREE for the duration of school closures

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Young people will be getting most of their information about coronavirus and the economy from social media, not all of it will be correct, a lot of it will be “fake news” and possibly cause anxiety.


We want our pupils to know what is really going on, who’s making decisions for our nation and what’s happening internationally.  We want our pupils to have the knowledge and tools to question and discuss current affairs. Reading The Day every day equips them with the information they need, it challenges and develops their critical literacy and will help support them through uncertain times.


- Laura Davenport, Librarian, Aylward Academy, London


During these unpredictable and uncertain times, we hope to offer some consistency and support for all schools and families.

Please note membership to The Day Home does not include access to The Day's website via a login.