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Update from Mr Brady (22/05/2020)

 Dear Parent/Carer


You will be fed up from hearing from me this week, so I will keep things brief today.


Hopefully, the letter I sent out yesterday gives some clarity on the plans we have in place for after half term?  As much as we want to see everyone again, we need to balance the safety of everyone in our community and we felt that approaching things in manageable phases was the best way. The decision was also made because we know we had a well organised and structured curriculum that was already working well for most people. It isn't perfect, but feedback suggests it is serving its purpose.


It's half term next week and so we hope that everyone gets a chance to have a rest. I know that this will not be the case for many who are still working on the frontline and I thank you so much on behalf of all of our community for your continued dedication to keeping us safe and well.  You will probably know that school will not be open next week as we need to prepare the site for after half term.


Talking of half term, please do remember to talk to your daughter/son about the need for social distancing should they be out exercising. A small act of selfishness can have huge consequences on a community, so let's keep going.


If you get a chance to visit our social media pages you will see some amazing trick photography entries. Well done to all involved and please keep them coming!


This week we have been interviewing for our new Head Girl and Head Boy.  These interviews have been done online and we have been delighted to welcome Maisy and Cobi (our current Head Girl and Boy) to our panel.  It has been lovely to see them again, but equally, their insight into the process has shown just how amazing young people really are!


Meeting our candidates for the coming year and hearing their ideas for the future of the school has been just the tonic needed during these times where we face isolation and uncertainty. The field is strong and to hear them talk with passion and pride about their journey, their school and their future have shown me that we really are in safe hands for the future if people like them are given leadership roles.


It has been a week of reading in the Brady house and my youngest is trying to get through Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. She has loved it and we have loved reading with her and it gave me an idea for how to sign off this week. It's not a lyric (my playlist has been a little heavy this week), it's a quote that I hope you will reflect on and one that I borrow from the inspiration that is Albus Dumbledore.


'Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one remembers to turn the light on'.


Stay safe and I look forward to seeing you soon.


We've still got this!


Steve Brady


Tom's reading got a bit too much for him in the afternoon heat!