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Year 7 Book Buzz...

Bookbuzz is a scheme run by BookTrust, sponsored by children’s book publishers, with the aim of encouraging and inspiring children to develop and enjoy a love of reading. We have taken part in the scheme every year since it began. The selection of books changes each year and offers a brilliant range of books for the students to make their choice from.   

     Each year 7 student is able to choose a FREE book from a core selection of 17 titles which have been carefully chosen by a group of librarians and teachers. 

The scheme will have been introduced to y7 students during an English lesson this week, and tutors will also be encouraging them to find out about the books throughout September, and maybe even reading the first chapters with them. 

There are several ways to help students make the best choice for them.: 

  1. They will have been shown a link to the Bookbuzz website with information about the books, the authors, and they can also read extracts of the first chapters from here.


They will also receive an email from Mrs Goodwin with this link. 


  1. We have two sets of the collection: these will be put into Tutor Group classrooms for several days, giving them the opportunity to have a good look at the books, to get an impression of the look and length of the titles and which ones suit their reading skills and interests. Each collection will be with a Tutor Group from Tuesday to Friday, and will then be quarantined until joining the next group. The rota for this is: 

Tuesday 8 - Friday 11 September        7D1 and 7W1

    Tuesday 15 - Friday 18 September        7F1 and 7F2

    Tuesday 22 - Friday 24 September     7J1 and 7J2


  1.  We would appreciate your support in looking at the website with your child too, discussing the books, and helping them make their best choice. For those who find it difficult to choose as they would like more than one, all the books will eventually be available to borrow from the school library!


Students should be ready to make their choice on Tuesday 6 October. 


Books will be delivered to students soon after half-term.