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Weekly update from Mr Brady (15/1/21)

Here is your weekly update from Mr Brady...

Afternoon everyone!

As usual, I want to start by checking that you are all well and coping in Lockdown 3.0?  Like many sequels, the plot wears a bit thin after a while and I know that we are all feeling the effects of the weather on top of this.

The students have been awesome in their engagement this week, and I am delighted to say that we have now got devices for every student who has been flagged as needing one. Thanks to those parents/carers who have popped by to collect and if anyone is having trouble with their devices then please get in touch with our ICT team and they will try to help.

I do need to say thank you to all our parents/carers as well. Your support in making sure that the students are online has made our jobs so much easier. We hope that having our timetable and lessons means that you can get on with your own work? 

As you know, we have decided to have a weekly wellbeing event and this Thursday, we will be having a 'no screen day'. There will not be any live lessons after RFL and alternative work will have been set for students to get on with that day. We will send out the fine details of the day next week, but the pace will be a bit less frantic for that day so that our eyes can have a bit of a break from screens. I do get the irony that some students will then reach for their phones, but I hope you don't mind the change for the day; we just felt that it was the right time to do that.  Friday will see us back to 'normal'.  

We will still be having Y9 Parents Evening on Thursday and yes, that will happen online, but you get the sentiment!

Next week, many of you will receive a note to say that your daughter/son has been awarded 'star of the week' from their teachers. We have asked every teacher to pick one student per class who has stood out this week. The theme will change each week so that we can vary which students are selected and we thought it was a nice thing to do as we carry on with our online learning.

Alongside the focus on Y11 and Y13 (Mr Mitchell is writing to you to give you regular updates), we always focus on a year group each half term. This time we move to Y9 and we really shine a light on these students and as a team we collectively try to share ideas to get the best out of them. As a year group they are doing superbly well. Progress is high and their Approach to Learning is really good. There is always room to work on things, so please have a chat with your daughter/son about their efforts and work (especially with option choices being made and Parents Evening on Thursday).

I hope you manage to have a lovely weekend and that you stay safe and positive. Get in touch if you need anything and thank you for your ongoing support and partnership. We couldn't do this without you.
Steve Brady