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Nearly No Screen Thursday

Please find attached more details on our "Nearly No Screen Thursday" wellbeing event...

As you know, we will be trying something a little different on Thursday in an attempt to get screen time down for one day. It was 'no screen Thursday' but we realised that there would have to be some form of we have renamed it 'nearly no screen Thursday'.

The timetable will carry on as normal and staff are planning activities that your daughter/son will be doing instead of a 'live lesson'. As I have said, this is not a long term thing, so think of it as a slight change of pace for a day. Don't worry, we have thought about this and we are certain that this will have a positive effect on our wellbeing (not to mention our eyes).  Normal service will resume the next day.

The format of the day will require students to log in to RFL as normal and then to register with each teacher at the start of each lesson as normal.  Work will have been shared and the teachers will be there to take any questions and check everyone is OK before the screens come off (hence the 'nearly' no screen).

Staff will let the students know how they can be contacted if they are needed, but our hope is that the tasks will have been designed so that the students will be able to get on with them. 

Teachers will then be back online to finish the lesson.

Being honest, I am sure there will be teething problems, but this is about doing something different. We have taken feedback from students and from a number of parents and teachers and we know that live lessons are superb, but they are full on. I am delighted that our offer of live lessons is strong and so taking this one day will not impact on our longer term learning.

As we continue in lockdown, we are planning opportunities that ensure we are able to support students in 'keeping up' and would encourage you to contact any teacher if you are worried about your daughter/son.

Hopefully that makes sense?  I look forward to seeing what the students are set on Thursday and I thank you for going with us on this one off event.

Stay safe

Steve Brady