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Message from Gloucestershire County Council Integrated Transport Unit

It has been reported to us that there are still a number of students travelling on the DM3/DM6 bus service without valid proof of their entitlement to travel. This issue was raised back in February and the email that was sent out at this time is attached.


From the afternoon of Wednesday 12th Oct: any students who attempt to travel on this service without either an in-date travel authorisation letter or working bus pass will not be allowed on the bus - drivers are not expected to transport students who cannot provide valid proof of their authorisation to travel on that specific service.


As a reminder: our replacement bus pass link is at The link is currently down but our IT team is looking at this and should hopefully be able to get it working over the weekend.


Valid requests for us to look at transferring students between services will be considered by us if submitted, but it is not for students to decide to travel which service they use without us authorising a transfer.


Our thanks to those students who are carrying working bus passes and are travelling on the service to which they have been allocated.


Should you have any queries or issues then please let us know.