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Sixth Form News

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  • 6th Form Applications

    Published 04/12/23

    Don't forget to submit your application.

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  • Sixth Form Festive Prize Draw

    Published 01/12/23
    We are now selling raffle tickets for our prize draw - the lucky winner could win a huge Christmas chocolate hamper!  Tickets are £1 per strip of tickets and these can be purchased from the sixth form office.  Add
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  • Post 18 Apprenticeship Talk - Thursday 14th December

    Published 01/12/23
    Thursday 14th December - 08:45am in the Touchdown. Year 12 and Year 13 students are invited to attend this Post  18 Apprenticeship Talk with guest speaker Ellie Martin.  It will be a fantastic opportunity for students to learn about
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  • 2024 Leavers Hoodie

    Published 28/11/23

    Your 2024 Leavers Hoodie is now available to purchase!

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  • Naples 2024

    Published 20/11/23

    The deadline to sign up for the Naples 2024 trip is approaching fast!

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  • Business Breakfast

    Published 20/11/23

    Policing, criminology and forensics Business Breakfast....

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  • 6th Form Open Evening

    Published 14/11/23

    Thank you to everyone who came along to our 6th Form Open Evening on 9th November!

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  • Sixth Form Open Evening!

    Published 19/10/23
    Our Sixth Form Open Evening is happening on the 9th of November from 5 pm - 8 pm. This is an excellent opportunity to meet some of the amazing staff and our fantastic students, who will show you around the Forest of Dean campus.  See you
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  • Perception of Crime survey

    Published 12/10/23
    This is a survey by the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner (OPCC) for Gloucestershire to survey with residents to gather their opinions about their perceptions of crime in their local area.  The survey asks for views on crime, anti
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  • A Level Results Day 2023

    Published 29/06/23
    Our A-Level results day is Thursday, the 17th of August, at Dene Magna Secondary School in Mitcheldean. We know you will all get the results you deserve!
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  • Enrolment 2023

    Published 29/06/23
    Our enrolment day is on Friday, the 25th of August! We are so excited to meet you all. See you all very soon...
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  • Bay of Naples Trip

    Published 29/06/23
    We are going to the Bay of Naples from the 3rd to the 7th of July! We are very excited about the trip and will post updates on here! 
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  • Y13 Trial Exams

    Published 07/03/23
    Please see below for the Y13 Trial Exam timetable...  
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  • Sixth Form Applications Now Open!

    Published 10/11/22
    Our Sixth Form application is now live! We have added new exciting subjects for September 2023, and we cannot wait to meet you all again. If you have any questions please contact us. Click here to view our application form.
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  • Year 13s Parents Information Evening

    Published 06/10/21
    In case you were unable to attend our most recent Y13 Parent/Carers Information Evening, please see the downloadable PDF slides below. This is some of what we discussed during the evening.   If you have any questions/queries please
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  • Sixth Form Open Day 2022!

    Published 13/09/21
    We are very excited to announce that our Sixth Form Open Day is happening on the 9th of November 5 pm - 8 pm! There is no booking required for this event. This is a fantastic opportunity for you to look around the beautiful site and speak to all
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  • Biology Field Trip

    Published 15/07/21
    Please see below for the letter which needs to be signed and handed back in asap. 
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  • Gloucestershire Live News Story

    Published 28/06/21
    Click here to view the article from Gloucestershire Live...
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  • Sixth Form Induction Sessions

    Published 06/05/21

     Induction Sessions Monday 28th and Tuesday 29th June.

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  • Sixth Form Virtual Open Event!

    Published 09/10/20
    As we sadly cannot host our normal Sixth Form Open Day/Evening, we have decided to put together a Virtual Event!  Our Virtual Open Event starts Monday the 9th of November. Visit our student run Instagram page by clicking here. 
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  • Stagecoach bus timetable...

    Published 01/09/20
    Please click here to create your Stagecoach timetable.  
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  • Sixth Form Bullentin (no.8)

    Published 03/07/20

    Dear students, parents and carers.


    We are now starting to see an emerging picture of what September will look like, so this seems like a good moment to write to you. The government has announced that, with health and safety measures carefully implemented, all students will be returning to school in September.  That of course means that here at the Sixth Form we are now looking to get everyone safely back in for their lessons. Things will not be exactly as they were before and you should expect some necessary changes to ensure that all members of our community are kept safe, but our priority will be on helping you to successfully return to your studies and continue with your A-Levels. 


    Over the coming days we’ll be working hard to put plans into place for this safe return and more details will be published by Mr Brady and shared with you as soon as possible.  Keep an eye out for the latest updates on the website and on our social media pages.


    A large part of our preparation to return includes reflecting on how everyone has progressed during the lockdown.  You’ll be getting your final report of the year sent to you next week and this will be followed up in the final week of the year by an opportunity to meet with your tutor.  This ‘Pastoral Week’ is being run across the entire school and it is our intention that every Dene Magna Student, from years 7 to 12 will meet with their tutor, along with their parents, for approximately half an hour.  You’ll have the opportunity to discuss your lockdown, how you are now and what you will need to focus on in order to be ready for the year ahead.  Your tutor will be able to advise you on how to set personal goals and targets; what to work on with your UCAS applications and any alternatives you may have considered; how to approach your EPQ; any concerns you may have about your A-level subjects. What we need you to do is to consult with your parents/carers to make an appointment using the Parents Evening system.  We are running the Pastoral Week from Monday 13th to Thursday 16th July and appointments are available until 5pm. For Year 12, these appointments will take place at the Cinderford Campus. If you need any advice or additional information, please contact


    I want to take this opportunity to tell you how proud we are of you all.  You have worked hard: despite the inevitable struggles with motivation every one of you has kept going and made progress. When I asked staff about nominations for commendations I was overwhelmed by the responses - so many of you have really impressed your teachers with your resilience, determination and maturity. 


    Lockdown measures are easing, but life isn’t quite back to normal yet, so as ever I wish you all good health - stay sensible, remember to keep your distance and continue to look after each other. 





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  • Important Information for joining Dene Magna 6th Form

    Published 25/06/20

    Dear Students,

    I hope this letter finds you all well.  It’s been a strange couple of weeks here as we go through the process of gradually opening up the school to small groups of students.  These last few months have demonstrated just how much schools do, beyond just teaching and learning and for all of us, teachers and students, we realise how much we miss being here.  I know from the contact I’ve had from many of you that you feel this too.  With this in mind, I wanted to say how much we’re looking forward to you joining us and that we hope it’s a smooth return for everyone: sooner rather than later.  

    Plans are in place for enrolment to the Sixth Form to take place during results week.  Your exam results are formally published on August 20th and as soon as you get these we’ll be in touch with you.  The actual process of enrolment will take place at the Forest Campus in Cinderford on the following day, 21st August and we’ll take you through all the paperwork and confirm your course choice with you then. Because there may need to be some social distancing involved, there will be some restrictions in place - we’ll give you plenty of warning about these as we get closer to enrolment.  If you have any concerns about your potential grades, or the process of joining the Sixth Form, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us using the details below.

    Finally,  in order to complete the pre-admission induction process, we’re going to be inviting all our applicants to virtual induction meetings. These have been designed to give you the opportunity to speak with our pastoral team via Google Meet, to discuss your option choices and to address any worries or concerns you may have.  In order to take part in this event, we’d like you to register with us, using the details below. The virtual induction sessions will take place on Weds July 1st at 11am and the session will last for about one hour. You will need to be able to access google meet via your DM email account - we will send you a link the day before the session but it’s worth checking that you have access to a computer with sound and a microphone.  As a general rule, we ask all our students to keep their cameras turned off and to be muted unless responding to questions and we also record all our ‘Meet’ sessions for safeguarding purposes.  We look forward to ‘meeting’ with you next week!

    Please register for our virtual induction meetings by Friday 26th June at 3.30pm via email


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  • Sixth Form Virtual Induction Sessions

    Published 24/06/20
    Sixth Form virtual induction sessions are taking place on Weds 1st July.  Register for your 'Meet' invitation at:
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  • A message for applicants to Year 12

    Published 15/05/20
    Dear students,  Firstly,  I hope you are all well and keeping busy.  Unbelievably,  this week (with my English teacher hat on) I would have waved you into your first English GCSE exam.  That means you would by now have sta
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  • Sixth Form Bullentin (no.7)

    Published 05/05/20
    As ever,  I write this hoping that everyone is well in body and in mind.  There have been lots of noises in the media about the amount of education everyone is missing and that students are suffering from schools being closed,  but I w
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  • Bridging Units for Year 11 into Year 12

    Published 01/05/20
     Work for all subjects is now available on Google Classroom.  If you haven't been able to access the work, please contact the Sixth Form team ( who will be happy to help.
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  • Sixth Form Bulletin (no.6)

    Published 20/04/20

    Term 5 begins

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  • Sixth Form Bulletin (no.5)

    Published 25/03/20
    It is with real sadness that we had to close the campus to students last Friday.  The Covid-19 pandemic affects everyone in the most elemental way; taking our routines, relationships, events and experiences and putting them all on hold.  As
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  • Sixth Form Bulletin (no.4)

    Published 12/03/20

    It’s always busy at the Forest Campus: of course the students continue to work hard on their studies, but also there is an increased sense of looking forward.  During the first week back after half term, we welcomed speakers from Worcester Uni who are hosting the UCAS exhibition for the South West Midlands later in March. In their talk they briefed Year 12 on the best way to approach the exhibition - the research into University courses and options that can be done in advance to ensure everyone gets the information they need on the day.

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  • Sixth Form Bulletin (no.3)

    Published 14/10/19

    This fortnight has seen the launch of the Extended Project Qualification (EPQ), Mental Health Awareness Day and the start of the focus on applying to Medical School/Veterinary College.

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  • Sixth Form Bulletin (no.2)

    Published 25/09/19

    Studying and Socialising

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  • Sixth Form Bulletin (no.1)

    Published 23/09/19

    We Are Open!

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