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Sixth Form Bulletin (no.5)

It is with real sadness that we had to close the campus to students last Friday.  The Covid-19 pandemic affects everyone in the most elemental way; taking our routines, relationships, events and experiences and putting them all on hold.  As teachers and support staff, we are highly conscious of the effect this can have on students - we are well aware that attending school and college is not simply about learning, it is a crucial part of the social life of many of our young people.  With that in mind, we’ve devised a number of ways in which we can support the learning and health of our students.

We’ve already messaged parents and students with information about how to access work. By gently keeping up with your studies, you’ll manage to minimise any long term disruption to your education alongside developing healthy habits and routines during this period of closure.  Remember, on-line learning tasks can be found on our dedicated Google Classroom sites, but that we’ve also got a Classroom site for the whole student body to share experiences and to get resources from Nicky Hampton. Subject groups have created chat rooms so that they can discuss their work (and generally chat) and everyone should ensure they engage with these.   And finally, we’ll all be keeping in touch with you in the old fashioned way - by telephone! 

Finally, it’s really vital that you follow the government’s advice at this time.  As tempting as it is to meet up with friends, currently that is not the right thing to do - so please resist the temptation.  Keep well everyone, and we’ll see you all soon!