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Sixth Form Bulletin (no.6)

Term 5 begins

The Easter ‘break’ has drawn to a close with an almost imperceptible sigh - with the announcement from the Government that the Covid-19 lockdown is set to continue for at least another three weeks, it’s hard to notice the shift from being on a school holiday to being back at school.  But, the new term has started and once again everyone is expected to continue with their work.  It’s worth remembering that having a routine and being mentally and physically active are ultimately very good for us - so I’m really pleased to welcome you all ‘back’ after the break and I hope that all of you are well.  As ever, our lines of communication remain open and we welcome contact from you - be it a quick hello on the Help Hub classroom site or a concern or worry that you need to share.  Your tutors will be getting in touch over the coming days to say hello and I know they are keen to know what you’ve been up to!  

There are some important things to be aware of in the coming weeks, details on the new timetable are explained here and despite the current situation, we still need to be actively preparing for the future so I’m sharing some information on the UCAS process.  


Events and Announcements

Distance Learning - the new timetable

Mr Mitchell sent out details about the new weekly timetable at the end of last week, the details are to be found on the website here: Year 12 timetable.  Subjects are organised into their option blocks with only some slight changes.  You need to go onto your classroom site and to register into lessons as usual - so if there are any issues with this please get in touch with Mrs Etheridge, Mr Mitchell or myself.   Remember this is a weekly timetable to keep things as simple as possible.  Fingers crossed that we won’t have to use it for too long.  It is important to remember to register at the start of your lessons - if we don’t hear from you we will be making contact - I’m sure you appreciate why.  If for any reason you are unable to attend lessons, please contact Mrs Etheridge via email. Of course, any specific issues you have with your lessons should be addressed initially to your subject teachers; please let us know if you are having problems so that we can help you.


It’s a challenge but we’d like you to remember to keep up to speed with your EPQ.  You do have more time on your hands so work on your research, access some online courses on study skills and research methods, and start to write up your initial draft.  Any queries can be sent to either your EPQ mentor or to Mrs Smith.

Looking forward - UCAS

Were these normal times, we’d be encouraging you to start looking towards University visits and open days.  We would also be having an information evening to share with you and your parents/carers the process of application - however since that isn’t possible, instead I’ve set up a Google classroom (yes, another one!) which is solely for information about the applications process.  You’ll find information shared by UCAS as well as a link for you to formally register with them - something you should all do as soon as possible. Many Universities have put together virtual open days, so you should also check out the schedule for these as published on the UCAS website. Don’t forget to continue to use Unifrog as a great source of information - they have put together plenty of distance learning packs too, so have a look at their website if you haven’t been there for a while.  You can start to build your personal statement through Unifrog - your tutors have access to these and can advise you if necessary.

 The important thing is to start thinking seriously about courses you’d like to study, institutions you want to visit and accessing relevant information - so that when we do return to normal, you are ready to put your research into action.