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Sixth Form Bullentin (no.7)

As ever,  I write this hoping that everyone is well in body and in mind.  There have been lots of noises in the media about the amount of education everyone is missing and that students are suffering from schools being closed,  but I wanted to reassure you - we certainly aren’t closed for business and there is lots of amazing work going on across the Sixth Form.  It can be really difficult to get motivated and work, especially when we’re working from home where there are other distractions,  both temptations and annoyances.  The vast majority of you have been registering into your lessons and then working away - this is excellent!  Don’t forget, simply registering and then going back to bed isn’t a wise decision - so try to keep going! 

If you are struggling with your motivation then please let us know, we can help you try to get your mojo back.  Use the usual communication routes, email us or use the Hub ‘Classroom’ - your tutors, Mrs H and myself are all happy to help.  You might find that reminding yourself of your longer goals is what you need to keep going.  So getting onto Unifrog and researching universities and courses; completing their distance learning tasks; visiting Uni Open events on-line - all these things should help you refocus for when we come out of this period. 

Your greatest source of support will also come from your contact with each other, so I’d urge all of you to keep getting together on-line and, let’s face it, you know far more about how to go about this than I do, so I shan’t offer any suggestions!  If this is something you haven’t been doing and would like to,  get in touch with Mrs H or your tutor and they can help re-connect you with your mates.