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A message for applicants to Year 12

Dear students,

 Firstly,  I hope you are all well and keeping busy.  Unbelievably,  this week (with my English teacher hat on) I would have waved you into your first English GCSE exam.  That means you would by now have started the exam season, with lessons as you knew them finished.  So with that in mind,, I hope this finds you a lot less stressed out than you would have been in the alternative “normal” universe that we’ve left behind!

By now,  most of you will have had a chance to look at the bridging units that DM teachers have set up for each subject. If you haven’t done any of the work, I strongly advise you to – already you have been out of school for nearly two months, longer than any other break in your education and good study habits can be hard to get back.  We’ve found that for the many students in lower and higher years who are continuing their lessons at home,  having a structure to the day and a learning focus has been really beneficial.  This isn’t just about maintaining good study habits, it’s also about keeping an optimistic mindset about your future.  Also, don’t be afraid to share work with the staff – they are really keen to communicate with you about your ideas.  To some extent, your responses to the work we set will shape those first lessons in September so please let us know how you’re doing and chat with us about your work.  

The Sixth Form team have also been thinking ahead to what we can offer you next year.  While there remains lots of uncertainty around schooling in general, we are still getting excited about welcoming you into our sixth form.  So from thinking about how we physically use the campus, to what we start to offer as Wednesday enrichment activities, to our Christmas celebrations – there are lots of things for us all to look forward to.  Of course, if you have any requests or suggestions we are open to hearing them!

Our current Year 12 are obviously working hard on their A-levels in timetabled lessons,  but we’ve also started to use technology to help them to ‘meet’ up in their class groups and in small social groups.  If this is something you would like us to offer to you,  I’d be really keen to hear your opinion – it would obviously be monitored and subject to certain restrictions – at this stage, just let me know what you think.  Of course, if there is anything else you would like us to put together for you while we’re in this period of social distancing,  let us know. 

We’ll soon be in a position to give you more information about enrolment, but what is certain is that if you do join us in September you’ll be getting your ID photo taken, so fingers crossed that hairdressers get to open again before August!  For now, stay well and keep in touch!

Mrs L Balmer