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1:1 Device Scheme

Hello and thank you for taking an interest in our 1:1 Device Scheme. 

As you know, we have moved to use the G Suite programmes for most of our online school work. Staff are also now using these programs for assessing work, as well as for more traditional research and group work. We have invested in Chromebooks over the years, but we are now in a position to explore an exciting change to how we approach e-learning as a school.

In our drive to improve outcomes for students continually, we have been working in partnership with Freedom Tech and Softcat to offer parents the opportunity to acquire a portable Chromebook for their child(ren) to use in school, as well as for learning at home. 

ICT is embedded within the curriculum across all subjects, and we believe that all students accessing their own devices to support the use of ICT in and out of the classroom will further enhance their learning, allowing personalised access to a wealth of creative content, and resources and tools. 

We are offering the scheme to parents of Y6, 7 and 8 students (going into Y7, 8 and 9), in preparation for September next year. Suggested bundles are detailed overleaf, with monthly contributions that include warranty and repair service at a considerable saving on the recommended retail price. Monthly contributions are collected by Freedom Tech. Full and comprehensive information will be provided for parents in the portal.

We do hope that you are as enthusiastic about this scheme as we are here at Dene Magna. 

Yours sincerely


Stephen Brady


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