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1:1 Device Scheme FAQs

At Dene Magna, we are currently looking at offering a 1:1 Device Scheme that would allow students to enhance their learning experience and enable us to continue to provide the best levels of education. Please see below for some frequently asked questions about this scheme...

Q - What is included in the price?

A - Please see below for what is included in the price...

  • Device
  • Case
  • Management Software Licence 
  • Safeguarding License 
  • 36-month warranty
  • 36 month repair (£0 service fee, unlimited claims)
  • Set up to the school's requirements

Q - How much does this cost?

A - Cash - £491.88, 24 Months - £22.06 or 36 Months - £15.28


Q — Is the price flexible?

A — Unfortunately, the monthly payment is not flexible and is a fixed price. 


Q - Is there a selection of devices to pick from?

A - We are only offering the  Lenovo 300e Chromebook.


Q — I have a Chromebook at home, can I use this one instead?

A- — We are only going to offer support to Chromebooks that are purchased via the 1:1 Device Scheme. 


Q - What happens at the end of the agreement?

A - Once you have completed the final payment the Chromebook becomes yours. 


Q - Will there be any credit checks?

A -  There are no credit checks, everyone is approved.


Q — What is the excess on the insurance policy? 

A — There is no excess on either the insurance or warranty and you will receive the policy details with your device. 


Q — How do I make an insurance or warranty claim? 

A — You will be provided with a policy and claims document detailing how to make a warranty or insurance claim. 


Q — Can they use the device at home? 

A — Yes the student can use the device to further enhance their learning and we recommend that you set your security setting on your Wi-Fi accordingly. 


Q — How many devices can I order? 

A — One per student at the school.


Q — What happens if I miss a payment or can no longer afford the device? 

A — If you have any problems making payments,  please contact the school where options can be discussed. 


Q — What happens if I cannot afford to join the scheme? 

A — The school will have a number of devices that can be borrowed to use in lesson time, these devices will be kept in the school and given out when the learning requires. 


Q — What if my child leaves Dene Magna? 

A — You must pay the outstanding payments to take ownership of the device or speak to the school if you wish to return it. 


Q — Is a Chromebook a replacement for pen and paper?

A — Generally speaking, the Chromebooks aren’t intended as a replacement for handwriting and books completely, but as an additional tool in the classroom to make the learning experience more interactive for our students. With every student having access to a device, there will certainly be more opportunities to use these devices instead of more traditional methods used to complete work. Chromebooks can also become a cheaper alternative to buying books for every subject which tend to go out of date regularly.


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