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A Level Mathematics

Head of Department: Mr S Jones

Syllabus Title: A-Level Mathematics

Exam Board: AQA

Length of course: 2 years

Entry requirements:  GCSE grade 7 or above in Maths.


Students studying this course will learn about pure mathematics, mechanics and statistics. The pure mathematics builds on algebra and problem solving from GCSE, and statistics allows students to analyse data and interpret probabilities. Mechanics is a branch of mathematics that deals with forces and motion. The A-Level Mathematics course aims to develop mathematical knowledge, concepts, processes and skills in a variety of contexts so that students appreciate the relationships between the various areas of mathematics and can apply them using models of physical situations.

Students will need good algebra skills and should have, or develop, a neat, detailed and methodical style of working. Mathematics is a demanding and fast-paced subject, and requires significant independent study outside of the classroom.

Topics studied in this course:

Mathematical argument, language and proof

Mathematical problem solving

Mathematical modelling


Pure Mathematics:

  • Proof

  • Algebra and functions

  • Coordinate geometry in the (x,y) plane

  • Sequences and series

  • Trigonometry

  • Exponentials and logarithms

  • Differentiation

  • Integration

  • Numerical methods



  • Vectors

  • Quantities and units in mechanics

  • Kinematics

  • Forces and Newton’s laws

  • Moments



  • Statistical sampling

  • Data presentation and interpretation

  • Probability

  • Statistical distributions

  • Statistical hypothesis testing

Exam structure:

There are three papers, equally weighted and each worth 100 marks. Exams are 2 hours long.

Paper 1: Pure Mathematics - 2hrs, 100 marks (⅓ total grade)

Paper 2: Pure Mathematics + Mechanics - 2hrs, 100 marks (⅓ total grade)

Paper 3: Pure Mathematics + Statistics - 2hrs, 100 marks (⅓ total grade)

Post A-Level:

Most jobs and careers require the use of mathematics in some way, and it is particularly

useful in employment sectors such as accountancy, banking and finance, management, environmental sciences, construction, engineering and manufacturing, medical technology, and science and research. Mathematics A-Level is a qualification that is highly sought after and well-respected by employers. Students who have studied mathematics at this level are in an excellent place when it comes to employment. Science, engineering and manufacturing employers place a huge demand on the pool of available talent and careers for people with good maths skills are well-paid, interesting and rewarding.

What the students say about this course:

“What I learn in Maths can be applied to my other subjects”

“This is a really useful subject for University, it’s seen as desirable and is considered ‘the centre of STEM’ so it’ll be helpful for me when I apply for Computer Science”

“Good for anything science-related at University, it doesn’t have to be all Maths courses”

“It’s what I get up for in the morning - I love maths!”

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