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Syllabus Title: A level Biology

Examination Board: Edexcel


Entry Requirements:

It is recommended that students achieve a Grade 6 or above in Biology or 6-6 or above in Combined science and Grade 6 in Maths.


Studying A level Biology

Studying A-level biology allows students who enjoy the subject to take their knowledge and understanding to a whole new level. The course is both challenging and engaging and will demand students to apply their knowledge to new situations. We start A-level biology by looking at cells and biochemistry and by the end of the course students will have built upon that to apply it to disease and physiology. We will look at new genetic technologies and how species interact with each other in their ecosystems. Students will need to bring a good standard of both literacy and numeracy skills to allow them to access all parts of the course. There will be a residential field trip to complete part of the course. We run the Edexcel course as it flows nicely from the GCSE courses we study. Students will complete similar core practicals and will be familiar to the resources that are used.

Assessment Outline

3 examination papers and 12 core practicals

Paper 1: Biochemistry, Microbiology and Genetics                1 hour 45 mins (30%)

Paper 2: Physiology, Evolution and Ecology                                1 hour 45 mins (30%)

Paper 3: General and Practical Principles in Biology                 2 hours 30 mins (40%)


Future Opportunities

Veterinary Science
Marine Biology

Jobs that don’t exist yet!!