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Welcome to Biology 

Dear A level Biology Class of '22,

Mr Derrick and Mrs Salisbury, your A level Biology teachers, speaking! We are very excited to meet each one of you in September. Biology is a fantastic subject and is so exciting. Biology is full of fun practicals and learning about things which are going to help you through life. Biology practicals include dissecting different animal organs, looking at fish eyes and lots and lots more!  Biology has a huge range of careers at the end of it, some aren't even invented yet! Studying Biology A level will make you aware of just how amazing life is. Some astonishing Biology facts are:

  • It would take someone typing 60 words per minute, eight hours a day, around 50 years to type the human genome.
  • Your spit contains your entire genetic blueprint.
  • A human sneeze can travel about 100 mph or more.

If this doesn't make you excited about your Biology lessons in September, then I don't know what will! Biology is jam-packed full of interesting content and facts, and we cannot wait to teach you all about it in September!

- Mr Derrick and Mrs Salisbury

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