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Head of Department: Mr M Osborne

Syllabus Title: A-Level Business

Examination Board: AQA

Length of Course: 2 Years

Entry Requirements:  GCSE grade 5 (or above) in English and Maths.


Businesses are all around us in everyday life, so an understanding of how business works will give students relevant skills that they can use for a lifetime.  There has never been a more interesting time to study A-Level Business, with unstable markets, inflation and other economic factors all creating the environment within which we live. Understanding basic economic principles, how markets are affected by world events and how businesses assess their financial health enables students to make better and more informed decisions. Other areas of study include Marketing, Operations and Human Resources, all of which provide valuable skills for the future.

Topics studied in this course:

  • What is business?

  • Managers, leadership and decision making

  • Decision making to improve marketing performance

  • Decision making to improve operational performance

  • Decision making to improve financial performance

  • Decision making to improve human resource performance

  • Analysing the strategic position of a business

  • Choosing strategic direction

  • Strategic methods: how to pursue strategies

  • Managing strategic change

Structure and assessment of the course:

Paper 1: Business 1 - 2hrs, 100 marks (⅓ total grade)

Paper 2: Business 2 - 2hrs, 100 marks (⅓ total grade)

Paper 3: Business 3 - 2hrs, 100 marks (⅓ total grade)

Post A - Level:

Every aspect of life is a business, so learning about how these operate is naturally of great benefit. Students that study A-Level Business may consider continuing on to University to study Business Management, Operations Management, Financial Accounting or Marketing. Qualifying with a Business A-Level could lead to a career as a manager, accountant, human resource specialist, or production manager amongst many career pathways.

Students who have studied this qualification at Dene Magna have gone on to start their own businesses, join the family business, or move directly into the workplace. Others have chosen to continue their education through apprenticeships, degree apprenticeships or University.

What students say about this course: 

“I enjoy using Maths in my lessons”

“I find it an enlightening course, I’ve learnt a lot about the real world”

“Business Studies helps me to understand what’s going on behind the scenes of a business”

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