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Syllabus Title: A level Business

 Examination Board: AQA 

 Assessment Outline: 

A level Topics
 Paper 1  33.3%

 -Section A has 15 multiple choice questions worth 15 marks.

 -Section B has short answer questions worth 35 marks. 

 - Sections C and D have two essay questions (choice of one from two and one from two) worth 25 marks each.


Written Exam 2hrs

1. What is business?

2. Managers, leadership and decision making

3. Decision making to improve marketing performance

4. Decision making to improve operational performance

5. Decision making to improve financial performance

6. Decision making to improve human resource performance

7. Analysing the strategic position of a business

8. Choosing strategic direction

9. Strategic methods: how to pursue strategies

10. Managing strategic change  


33.3% One compulsory case study followed by approximately six questions.  Written Exam 2hrs  


33.3%  One compulsory case study followed by approximately six questions.  Written Exam 2hrs  

Studying A level …..

Do you imagine your future running your own business, in a managerial position or going on to university? A Level Business Studies might be the subject for you! A Level Business Studies can give you the tools and information required to understand how businesses are created, managed and become successful. In particular it helps you to:

 develop a critical understanding of organisations, the markets they serve and the process of adding value

be aware that business behaviour can be studied from the perspectives of a range of stakeholders

 acquire a range of skills including decision-making and problem-solving 

be aware of the current structure of business and business practice.

 develop their ability to acquire a range of important and transferable skills including data skills, presenting arguments, making judgments and conducting research. This course has no coursework or controlled assessment.

Entry Requirements:

No prior knowledge of Business is necessary, although it would be an advantage. A grade 5 pass in Maths and English is required. 

Future Career Options:

A Level Business Studies is a great attribute on your CV; it shows future employers you understand how a business works, so you may be considered for higher positions. Business Studies opens up a variety of career opportunities for example: management, marketing, finance, accounting, banking, retailing, manufacturing and local government and also for further study at college or university