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Business Studies

Key Stage 4

At Dene Magna, we offer two different Business Studies Options. The traditional GCSE 9-1 and a vocational Level 2 Award in Retail Business. 

Currently, there are two groups of GCSE 9-1 and one Level 2 Retail Business group. The reason we offer two different courses is that it allows students a choice. If they prefer the traditional route of taking exams only course then they would choose the GCSE 9-1. However, if they believe that they would prefer a coursework based course then the retail business is the better option.  

The majority of GCSE Business students go on to take the subject at A-Level and further education through either apprenticeships or University; most choosing Business Management, Accounting, Marketing or HR. We have two groups currently studying A-Level at the Dene Magna 6th Form.


The courses on offer are intended to give students ‘real-life’ experiences into the business world.


The GCSE 9-1 offers very broad knowledge and looks at two components over the two years. 

Component 1: Business Activity; which looks at how business start and the role of entrepreneurs, competition within the market, location, market research and marketing. Business Operations, which considers production methods and quality control. Marketing, which looks at market research and the Marketing Mix (the 4 P’s). Human Resources, recruitment and selection, training, motivation, the interdependence nature of businesses and organisational structure. Finance, which takes into account most accounts, profit and loss, cash flow, sources of fiscal revenues and costs, breakeven, ARR and analysing financial performance. External Influences, which considers International trade, European Union, the impacts of Globalisation, business ethics and environmental issues. 

The course is delivered by experienced business teachers using a variety of different methods. Group work, note-taking, presentations, worksheets and role play. Students take part in two National competitions, Tycoon in Schools and the Student Investor Challenge. 

Assessment is via the end of topic tests, progress checks and through independent learning tasks (ILT)

ILT is given once every two weeks

The Level 2 Retail Course looks at how retailers work on a broad level. Unit 1, looks at customer service and Unit 2, is an external exam and Unit 3, looks at the operations of a case study business and gets students to type up a report on how the business should improve its operations. 

There are only one exam and two pieces of coursework. 

Assessment will be the result of the coursework and there will be ILT when completing Unit 2, once every two weeks.

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