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Welcome to Chemistry 

Sometimes referred to as the 'central science', Chemistry helps to connect physical sciences, like Maths and Physics, with applied sciences, such as Biology, Medicine and Engineering. In fact, Chemistry is all around us and an understanding of the subject can help to answer many simple questions about everyday life!

Chemistry is one of the Russell Group universities' 'facilitating' subjects — so called because choosing them at A-level allows a wide range of options for degree study.

A level Chemistry is such an exciting subject which is full of interesting practical’s for example making aspirin from willow tree bark and learning about things which are going to help you through life. I am very excited to meet everyone and share all of the amazing things which Chemistry can offer. 

Chemistry is a very good A level to have as Chemistry has a huge range of careers at the end of it, some aren't even invented yet! Sectors as wide as engineering to banking and finance, not just pure chemistry.  As an example, before teaching chemistry enabled Mr Bentley to work all over the world in the music, film and print media industries.

Some astonishing Chemistry facts are:

1. Lightning strikes produce Ozone, hence the characteristic smell after lightning storms

2. The only two non-silvery metals are gold and copper

3. Water expands when freezes, unlike other substances

4. Glass is actually a liquid, it just flows very, very slowly

5. Every hydrogen atom in your body is likely 13.5 billion years old because they were created at the birth of the universe

6. Superfluid Helium defies gravity and climbs on walls

7. If you pour a handful of salt into a glass of water, the water level will go down

8. Diamond and graphite are both entirely made of carbon and nothing else

9. The rarest naturally-occurring element in the Earth’s crust is astatine

10. These buckyballs sell for $167 million per gram. The only thing more expensive in the world is antimatter

11. DNA is a flame retardant

12. One inch of rain is equal to 10 inches of snow

13. A rubber tire is technically one single, giant, polymerized molecule

14. Your car’s airbags are packed with salt sodium azide, which is very toxic

15. Famed chemist Glenn Seaborg was the only person who could write his address in chemical elements

16. Air becomes liquid at -190°C

17. Mars is red because of iron oxide

If this doesn't make you excited about your chemistry lessons in September, then I don't know what will! Chemistry is jam-packed full of interesting content and facts, and we cannot wait to teach you all about it in September!

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