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Design and Technology

Welcome to D&T at Dene Magna, during our curriculum time we strive to develop each and every student’s creativity and problem solving skills through a series of modules that allow all the subject specialist areas to be represented every year. During these modules, skills are developed and extended always bringing the outside world into the classroom to nurture a greater understanding of our everyday complex world with our classes.

D&T Clubs extend the capability and interest of students during lunchtime sessions that are always well attended by students wishing to develop greater skills with materials and equipment showing a passion for extended personalised projects.

The D&T team bring years of experience, not just in their teaching and passion for the subject but also bring expertise from working with exam boards at senior levels in assessment by sharing such knowledge and commitment with our students to guide and advise our students to maximise their understanding of the subject and how to apply it in their projects.

A level D&T brings subject knowledge, expertise and drive with an every growing area of our department that is attracting both internal & external students to our sixth form to study and develop their enjoyment and finesse of the curriculum.