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Drama and Theatre

Syllabus Title: A-Level Drama and Theatre

Examination Board: AQA

Component 1 Drama and Theatre 40% Assesses knowledge and understanding of drama and theatre; study of two set plays; analysis and evaluation of the work of live theatre makers Written Exam: 3 hours 
Component 2  Creating Original Drama (Practical) 30% Assesses the process of creating devised drama, influenced by the work of one prescribed practitioner, through a working notebook; performance of devised drama  Internally assessed and externally moderated 
Component 3  Making Theatre (Practical) 30% Practical exploration of three extracts, each taken from a different play, influenced by the work of a second practitioner; Extract 3 is performed as a final assessed piece; reflective report analyses and evaluates theatrical interpretation of all three extracts  Assessed by a visiting examiner

Studying A-Level …

A-Level Drama and Theatre provides students with a combination of practical and academic study. They will study how drama is produced, what plays mean and how theatre is created. They will learn to appreciate a range of practical theatre skills and study the work of at least two significant theatre practitioners whose ideas have influenced modern theatre. 

Some activities will involve reading and interpreting plays or finding about playwrights and theatre practitioners. Others will be based on practical exploration of plays. Some activities will involve visiting the theatre, watching plays and/or talking to directors, actors and designers. 

Study is based on group activities and learning takes place through the shared experience of watching theatre and of making theatre as part of a group. Candidates are expected to work collaboratively and creatively and should be prepared to commit to learning lines, conducting research and rehearsing scenes outside of school hours. 

Entry Requirements: While it is not necessary for students to have studied GCSE Drama to take A-Level Drama and Theatre, the course does build upon the skills acquired at KS4 - therefore, an interest in theatre and a willingness to learn independently is imperative. For those who have studied GCSE Drama, a Grade 6 or above is required; those who have not should have the equivalent grade in a performing arts subject or English. Please be aware that students are required to attend professional theatre productions and workshops; some of these may take place in the evening. 

Future Career Options: Many students who opt for A-Level Drama and Theatre will go on to study a performing arts-related subject at University, perhaps at a Drama school. Others, however, will use the skills gained to enter into a range of careers. By promoting highly sought-after qualities, such as teamwork, communication and creativity, A-Level Drama and Theatre equips students with the ability to apply these skills in a wide range of areas.