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Reading List...

Greek Theatre

These videos about Greek Theatre: and


Kneehigh Theatre

Section 1 of this guide to Kneehigh Theatre:

Kneehigh's website:


Frantic Assembly

The Introduction section of this essay on Frantic Assembly:

Frantic Assembly's website:


Alecky Blythe

This video of Alecky Blythe discussing her process:


'Things I Know to be True'

This playtext of 'Things I Know to be True' (please be aware that it contains some very strong language):


And, if you've not done GCSE Drama, the 'Staging' and 'Stage Positioning' sections of the BBC Bitesize Drama website:


Additional Reading - not mandatory, but useful!

'The Frantic Assembly Book of Devising' by Scott Graham and Steven Hoggett

Any plays by Kneehigh Theatre

Any other plays!