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Environmental Science

Head of Department: Mr S Buckley

Syllabus Title: A-Level Environmental Science

Exam Board: AQA

Length of course: 2 years

Entry requirements:  GCSE grade 6 (or above) in Maths and English.


The Environmental Science A-Level uses a multi-discipline, engaging and thought provoking  approach to learning for students with a keen interest in the sustainability of our planet. Students develop a knowledge of the key scientific principles throughout the course, with a holistic approach to the interconnected systems and processes that are studied - a change to one process can affect many other processes over different spatial and temporal scales. Consideration of environmental issues and the conclusions reached are based on reliable evidence-based information and quantitative data.  Students will build a greater understanding of how human society relies upon natural systems for resources and life support systems.  Knowledge of these systems is used to propose changes in society that would produce sustainable lifestyles.

Topics Studied in this Course:

  • The Living Environment

  • The Physical Environment

  • Energy Resources

  • Pollution

  • Biological Resources

  • Sustainability

  • Research Methods

Coursework and assessment of the course:

Paper 1: The Physical Environment, Energy Resources, Pollution, and Research Methods - 3hrs, 120 marks (50%)

Paper 2: The Living Environment, Biological Resources, Sustainability, and Research Methods - 3hrs, 120 marks (50%)

Post - A Level: 

Students who study Environmental Science at A-Level tend to have a keen interest in the environment, and may choose to pursue a number of career paths into fields such as ecology, wildlife conservation, environmental impact assessment, aquaculture, local government, or town planning and transport design. The skills learnt in this course are applicable to a wide range of jobs and are relevant to many degree subjects for those wishing to move on to Higher Education.

What the students say about this course:

This is a new course for 2023/24, we look forward to seeing what our students say about our course!