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Fieldwork Opportunities

As Geography is a subject that requires students to put their classroom learning into real-life action, we provide various opportunities for students to participate in local, regional and national fieldwork. 

Year 7: Onsite fieldwork- investigating their school environment 

GCSE: A human geography study at Gloucester Docks (£15 approx) & a physical geography study at Blackpool Brook (£5 approx). 

A-Level Geography: Birmingham City Centre to study place characteristics (price tbc) & Weston-Super-Mare coastal study (price tbc). 

Dates of trips: 

  • Blackpool Brook (GCSE) - Thursday 5th March 2020 
  • Gloucester Docks (GCSE) - Thursday 7th May 2020
  • Birmingham City Centre (A-Level) - Thursday 4th June 2020
  • Weston-Super-Mare (A-Level) - Thursday 11th June 2020
  • Onsite fieldwork (Year 7) - Summer Term 2020