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Key Stage 3

KS3 Topics:

Students have the opportunity to say whether they would like to study French or Spanish, and we do our best to accommodate their preference.  


Year 7:introductions, about me and my passions, school, free time, my town

Year 8:holidays, TV/film/reading, Paris, my identity, my home

Year 9:talents and ambitions, my social life, health, jobs, my role in the world


Year 7:all about me, free time, school, friends and family, my town

Year 8:holidays, all about my life, food, my social life, summer trips

Year 9: my life as a teenager, jobs, health, my role in the world, Madrid

How many lessons per fortnight? 4

ILT information: 

Weekly vocabulary test (students can access vocabulary via Quizlet or vocabulary sheets in their books.

Weekly online reading, listening and grammar exercises on


Students are assessed on one of the four language skills (listening, reading, writing, speaking) at the end of each module.  They will also complete an end of module vocabulary test in addition to those set weekly.

Out of classroom opportunities: 

Year 7: trip to Normandy in conjunction with the History Department (open to all Year 7s)

Year 7, 8 or 9: a play in French or Spanish performed in school by native speakers

Year 9: ‘Languages for life’ event where outside speakers talk about how they use languages in their jobs

Year 9 or 10: French/Art trip to Paris or Spanish/Art trip to Barcelona depending on the language you study (open to students hoping to pursue a GCSE in the language they study or Art).  Each trip takes place every two years so it will either fall in Year 9 or Year 10.   

We write regularly to our penpals in France and Spain.

Students can apply to become Languages Ambassadors which involves organising events to promote languages.


Key Stage 4

Content being update

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