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Further Maths


Dear Budding Mathematicians,

 Further Maths is such an exciting course involving high-powered, advanced techniques where you will encounter totally new areas/topics that you may not have come across at all, yet eg. Matrices, Induction, Complex and Imaginary Numbers, as well as Calculus etc. Particularly relevant today, in the Statistics option you will explore a variety of different test procedures on data to decide whether, for instance, a new drug/vaccine has had a conclusive, positive outcome on patients.

You will be greatly enhancing your logistical and problem solving skills and producing new and varied (and beautiful, elegant) methods for solving questions, resulting in you becoming a creative and independent learner; and a very sought after asset in the continually changing job market.

Of the six students studying Further Maths in the present year 13 one wished to study Maths at university when we started in September 2019. Now, of these six, four have decided to study the subject at university next year, showing the satisfaction and potential these students have gained on this course.

Note: The underlying key foundation to making a Further Mathematician is their expert use of algebra. It appears in virtually all topic areas. So my advice to you is that whenever you have any algebra to use in your year 11 course search out the most complicated questions to experiment with and really analyse the processes involved.

Look forward to seeing you in September

ACGreen (Mr)  i/c Further Mathematics  

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