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Syllabus Title: A Level Geography

Examination Board: OCR 

Assessment Outline:

A Level        
Physical Systems (01)  1 hr. 30 mins written paper. 22% of total A level (66 marks). Learners will develop an appreciation and understanding of Landscape Systems. Landscape systems will be contextualised via the study of Coastal Landscapes.  You will also study Earth’s Life Support Systems (water and carbon cycles). 
Human Interactions (02) 1 hr. 30 mins written paper. 22% of total A Level (66 marks). Learners will explore human interactions through the study of global connections. Two main topics; Global Connections and Changing Spaces; Making Places. You will also study Global Migration and Human Rights.
Geographical Debates (03) 2 hrs. 30 mins written paper. 36% of total A Level (108 marks).  Learners will explore in depth 2 challenging, dynamic and fascinating issues of the 21st Century.  Study 1: Exploring Oceans. Study 2: Disease Dilemmas.
Investigative Geography (04/05) Independent Investigation. 20% of Total A Level (60 marks). Your independent investigation can be linked to any aspect of the specification. Deepen your knowledge and understanding of your chosen subject. Clear guidelines are given to ensure the correct content is included. 3,000- 4,000 words.

Studying A level …..

Geography is designed to give learners the knowledge, understanding and skills necessary to become global citizens. Geography should encourage learners to develop a sense of wonder and curiosity about the world and is potentially the most relevant subject for any learner in the 21st Century. This course aims to drive passion and love of this dynamic subject through its exciting and engaging content and this is complemented by highly enthusiastic and passionate staff members.

Entry Requirements: Grade 6 in GCSE Geography course.

Future Career Options: As a degree subject, Geography is highly respected by employers. Geography graduates have one of the highest rates of graduate employment, pursuing a wide range of career paths.