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KS3 Topics:

Year 7: Vikings, the Norman Conquest, Medieval England, Black Death and an introduction to WW2 to prepare for the Year 7 visit to France in Timetable Suspension week

Year 8: Reign of the Tudors, English Civil Wars, Cromwell, The Restoration, Britain, a changing landscape 1750-1900, Empire

Year 9: World War One, the rise of the Nazis, the Holocaust . GCSE work begins in the Spring term of Year 9.

How many lessons per fortnight? 3

ILT information: Research tasks, independent projects based on in class themes as well as activities that encourage preparation for up and coming lessons


Students have a formal assessment approximately six times across the year at the end of a topic and are assessed using GCSE criteria.

Ongoing assessment is completed through questioning and a variety of classroom tasks

Out of classroom opportunities: 

Year 7 - Goodrich Castle
Year 8 - Black Country Museum
Year 9 - Imperial War Museum (with English department)

The History department is also heavily involved in the Year 7 visit to France during Timetable Suspension week in July

Debate Club and supporting visit to Parliament


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