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Year 12

Year 13

Syllabus Title: History A

Examination Board: OCR  

Assessment Outline:

A Level       
Unit 1 British period study and enquiry 25% of total A-Level 1hr 30 minute paper Anglo-Saxon England and the Norman Conquest 1035-1107 Enquiry topic: Norman England 1087-1107
Unit 2  Non-British period study 15% of total A-Level 1 hour paper Russia 1894-1941 The end of Tsarism and the start of Revolution
Unit 3 Thematic study and interpretations 40% of total A-Level 2 hr. 30 minute paper The Viking Age c.790-1066 Raids on England, Danelaw and the Vikings in Ireland
NEA Topic based study 20% of total A-Level NEA An independent study of learner’s choice

Studying A level …..

There are 3 units which make up the A-Level course, consisting of British, non-British and thematic studies. In addition, students will be expected to complete an assessed topic based essay of 3000-4000 words.

To study History at Dene Magna, students must be committed to engaging in further reading outside of the classroom to establish their own opinions about all of the topics studied. This will aid lively classroom debates and develop the deeper analytical thinking which is required at this level. 

Entry Requirements:

Students must have achieved a Grade 6 or above at GCSE History and either English Language or Literature.

Future Career Options:

With an A-Level in History, you will have a wide range of Further Education or employment opportunities. Universities love Historians because of their analytical, written and debating skills. Studying History at A-Level may lead you into courses such as law, sociology or history at university.

History graduates can go on to careers as journalists, archaeologists, archivists, solicitors, teachers or working in historic buildings or galleries.