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History A-Level Overview

Unit 1 – Anglo-Saxon England and the Norman Conquest 1035-1107 (Mr Harrington) 25% of total marks.

Anglo-Saxon England 1035-1066; William of Normandy’s invasion and the Battle of Hastings in 1066; William I and his consolidation of power; government and administration of England, William II ‘Rufus’ rule and the succession of Henry I.

Judgement essays and source work.


Unit 2 – Russia 1894-1941 (Miss Adams) 15% of total marks.

The rule of Tsar Nicholas II; the 1917 Revolutions; the Civil War and Lenin; rule of Stalin.

Judgement essays.


Unit 3 – The Viking Age c.790-1066 (Mr Walters) 40% of total marks.

Viking society, administration and livelihood; warfare and raids; settlements; culture and religion. Depth studies: raids on England in the 8th and 9th centuries; Danelaw; the Vikings in Ireland.

Interpretations, essays.


Unit 4 – Non exam assessment (Miss Adams) 20% of total marks.

You will select your own essay title which will need to meet OCR approval. You will carry out your own research and complete a 3000-4000 words essay on your chosen topic. Your essay must pose an interesting historical issue and include a wide range of sources. It can be related to any period / topic except for anything related to Unit 3.

Independent essay to be completed in Y13.


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