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Key Stage 3

KS3 Topics:

Students joining the school are placed into ability groups/sets according to KS2 results. Throughout their time at Dene Magna, we are committed to placing students alongside others with similar abilities and learning speeds, and therefore move students informally as necessary.

Students in KS3 learn foundational Maths topics such as Algebra, Number, Geometry, Statistics, Probability and Ratio/Proportion.  We follow a ‘mastery’ approach to learning, so classes are given as much time as needed to acquire a deep understanding of a topic rather than rush from topic to topic. This means that students will gain up to a GCSE level of understanding of topics even in year 7.

How many lessons per fortnight? 8

ILT information:

ILT is set once a week across KS3.  Examples of activities include consolidation questions, extension tasks and Maths Watch activities


Most classes have a test at least once if not twice per term. Tests cover topics that they have been taught and will require students to revise. At the end of each academic year, all students attempt a set of past GCSE papers in order to increase familiarity with question language, and to practice revision skills. All students will know their eventual year 11 target against which progress is measured.

Out of classroom opportunities:

Selected  students are  invited to participate in a National Maths Challenge either individually or as part of a team. In the past, Maths has organised trips to the London Science Museum and to various universities as students start to think about Further or Higher Education. We also run a weekly chess club which is popular with students of all ages.


Key Stage 4

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