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Welcome to Maths

Hello soon to be A level maths students.

What a great subject choice you’ve all made – whether you are studying Core Maths, A level Maths or Further Maths A level, the fact that you are taking a level 3 maths course opens many doors for you.

Dene Magna has a fabulous maths department, as many of you will have experienced at GCSE. And A level teaching is no different. We have a range of teachers delivering KS5 course, in fact, you’ll come across every maths teacher up in the sixth form at one time or another, even if they are not your allocated teacher. Do say hi to everyone  - we love to keep in touch.

As I said before, you have made a great choice to study maths. Our year 13 students would agree. Here are some of their comments about the benefit of taking A level maths. No less than 4 of them have elected to go to university to take maths degrees. 

  • The most widely used skill used in your further education for STEM subjects.

  • It’s a logical way of thinking with no limit of knowledge, the more you learn the more there is to learn.

  • It looks very good on a CV for a wide variety of jobs.

  • It’s hard, tiring and at times frustrating but at the end of the day you now know maths .

  • It helps to develop your problem-solving skills in maths as well as in everyday life

  • It's a fun way to challenge yourself and applies to so many real life situations.

recent study by Which? showed that Maths is the most popular subject choice at A-Level, and it’s clear to see why. Maths can play an integral part of many careers, and can provide numerous opportunities, both academically and career-wise. But you probably already knew that, because you’ve made that wise choice.

As technology continues to advance, so too does mathematics, increasing its essential role in both every-day and corporate life. New mathematical theories are being discovered and developed every day, enabling inventions and scientific discoveries to continue to flourish. By studying Maths at A-Level, you will have the opportunity to forge a career that’s at the forefront of technological advancement.

So I just wanted to say hi, and to congratulate you all on taking that step.  We all look forward to welcoming you all next September and in the meantime, if you have any questions, just ask.

Mrs Turner

Head of Mathematics

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