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Modern Languages

Rachel Thomas
Head of Department

Welcome to Languages


Languages for Life

"As languages teachers we are the most fortunate of teachers - all subjects are ours. Whatever the children want to communicate about, whatever they want to read about, is our subject matter" (Rivers)


In the Modern Langauges department at Dene Magna we wish to ....

  • Develop our students' ability to communicate effectively in a foreign language.
  • Enable our students to form a sound base of their skills and vocabulary necessary for further study, work and leisure.
  • Offer an insight into the culture and civilisation of the countries where the langauge is spoken.
  • Develop students' understanding of themselves and their culture.
  • Encourage positive attitudes toward foreign language learning and speakers of foreign languages.
  • Encourage a sympathetic approach to other cultures and civilisations.
  • Provide enjoyment and intellectual stimulation.
  • Promote wider learning skills (literacy, numeracy, analysis, memorising)