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More Able and Talented

If your son or daughter has been identified by the school as ‘More Able & Talented’ (MAT), their potential has been spotted by staff at Dene Magna. This means they have an above average ability in an academic subject, a creative subject, a language, sport or a combination of subjects. 

At Dene Magna we are delighted that our students leave us fully equipped to face their futures and for our most able students this might mean securing a route through A-levels to university; being selected for professional apprenticeships or receiving prestige scholarships. Whichever is right for your child  you can be assured that we want them to strive to be the best they can be and to realise their high potential.  Key to this success is that each of our students is challenged, engaged and supported in order to make the most of their secondary education and we aim to do this with your support as parents and carers.