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Key Stage 3

KS3 Topics:

Year 7 - Night & Day, Rhythm & Pulse, Form & Structure, Dance Music, Instruments of the Orchestra & Voiceworks

Year 8 - African Music, Offbeat, Variations, Jazz Improvisation, Indian Music and Music & Space

Year 9 -  Musicals, Minimalism, Film Music, Rock ‘n’ Roll, Samba & Popular Song

How many lessons per fortnight? 2

ILT information:

Independent Learning Tasks are launched during lesson time and take the form of a theme based, performance project. After the initial explanation and demonstration of the project, all students are given a project deadline.  Students can choose to work individually or in small groups to complete the performance project.


Each project lasts approximately 6 weeks. Each student performs either individually or in a group and feedback is given...WWW and EBI.

Out of classroom opportunities:

SWAD - Choir
Jazz Band - Any instrumentalists welcome
DM Radio - recording of 20/30 minute shows during lunch times
Music Theory Club - Drop in any day for assistance
Soirees - These take place on the last Monday of every term
School Productions - Auditions for this take place in September and the show is performed over 3 nights in March
Achievement Evening Performances
Christmas Concert Performances



Key Stage 4

Content being updated

Click here for information on A-Level Music