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Open Day - School Life

Item Description Type

Extra-curricular activities
Watch a summary of the extra-curricular activities on offer


Extra Curricular - Example of a themed week of professional career visits
Our most recent career week held just before lock-down

1b Extra Curricular - Example of a day trip during timetable suspension week
Just one of many trips that usually happen in July
1c Extra Curricular - Example of a small group trip
A rocketry trip arranged to inspire students who want to explore aviation careers
1d Extra Curricular - Example of a themed workshop day
A Lego coding day hosted by the Royal Air Force

Special Educational Needs
Meet Mrs Dixon-Gough who will explain how we support students and their different needs


Meet Mrs Greene who will introduce you to RAIS and Tom, the special member of staff.


Goodbye for now
A wrap-up of the open day by Mr Brady

Phew - that may have overloaded you with information!
If you still have any questions that are unanswered, or you would like to book a personal tour during a school day, you can email us: or call us on (01594) 542370.

Deadline for completed application forms = 31st October