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Open Day - Subjects

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Discover the English Department
Meet Mrs Meek who will tell you about learning English, and introduce you to the School Library.


Discover the Art Department
Meet Miss John who will tell you all about Art.


Discover the Computing Department
Meet Mr Bridgewater and his ICT colleagues.

5 Discover the History Department
Meet Miss Adams and her fellow History teachers.

Discover the Science Department
Meet Miss Clark who will tell you about the Science you will be learning.

7 Discover the Music Department
Meet Miss Burt who will share her passion for learning and enjoying music.
8 Discover the Maths department
Meet Mrs Turner and her team who will tell you about Maths at Dene Magna.
9 Discover the Languages department
Meet Miss Thomas and her team of linguists who will share how you will learn new languages at Dene Magna.
10 Discover the PE department
Meet Mr Griffiths who will show you about all the sports on offer.
11 Discover the Religious Studies department
Meet Mr Evans who will tell you about RS/RE .
12 Discover the Geography department
Meet Mr  Morgan and his team of Geographers.
13 Discover the Design and Technology department
Meet Mr May who will show you around the D&T facilities we have.
14 Discover the Drama department
Meet Mr Wynn who will show you the drama room and talk about school performances.