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Dene Magna PE Curriculum Intent and Vision


The Forest of Dean is home to around 90,000 people, with 19% of these made up of children. Although the Forest of Dean displays average levels of deprivation on the whole, Cinderford (a town in the catchment area) ranks in the top 20% most deprived places in the country. In Forest of Dean 8.2% of the population live in rural areas and are under 10 years old. 17% of the Authority's population live in rural areas and are under 19 years of age. 8.7% are aged 70 or over and live in rural areas. In Forest of Dean 69.5% of households are in rural areas. 24.4% of rural households are single person households. 7.2% of rural households are lone parent family households. In addition to this the in Year 6 Forest of Dean primary schools, 18.2% (147) of children are classified as obese.

What contribution do we make to the leading aim of the school?

Every learner shall reach their maximum potential and enjoy the process.

KS3 Core PE

The Dene Magna PE offer allows students to experience a rich and varied curriculum with a range of activities that the local area does not provide easy access to, giving rise to the many opportunities available to them to pursue in later life. Students are taught with an aim of developing expert technique as well as being taught a range of tactics and strategies to overcome opponents. We aim to develop passionate, engaged and enthusiastic students who do not shy away from new challenges, developing students’ trust, integrity and benevolence. Students are given the opportunity to understand and apply long term health benefits as well as developing problem solving skills, not only through the natural design of our curriculum but also through OAA and competitive environments. Opportunities are also provided for students to analyse and improve on their performance on both an individual and team basis. All students are given an opportunity to compete in sport, whether through a range of inter house matches or inter school competitions at a district, county and national level, exposing students to both success and failure and the development of teamwork and leadership qualities. 

KS4 Core PE

Our KS4 offer intends to give students more freedom in their PE curriculum, taking their KS3 experiences and developing them further through a more teaching games for understanding approach in lessons. There is a real emphasis on students having a positive experience, with a focus on developing basic tactics and strategies further from KS3 level, in both team and individual sports, as well as continuing to participate in competitive sport through inter house 

and inter school fixtures. Year 11 also allows students to access our enrichment programme, giving students the chance to engage in offsite activities such as skiing and climbing as well as non traditional on site options, further maintaining high participation rates in PE and boosting their cultural capital. 


Our GCSE PE programme really stretches our students in both a practical and theoretical sense. Students are driven to reach the highest level of practical performance, with a strong emphasis on the GCSE specification. Students experience thoughtful and innovative GCSE theory lessons which serve to inspire students to be conscientious learners, aided by passionate and enthusiastic delivery. Our GCSE PE students take pride in becoming role models for the younger students - demonstrating leadership and passion developed since KS3.  


Our KS5 curriculum provides stretch and challenge for all our learners with a diverse specification. This curriculum follows on nicely from KS4 which allows students to embed prior knowledge and enhance this further using theoretical principles. Our A Level students are provided with a current and innovative learning experience which enables them to get a holistic view of the A Level physical education qualification. We provide relevant trips during the two years which can give the students a good insight into putting theory into practice. We also offer enrichment programmes which involve onsite and offsite activities for the students to enjoy during their time with us, these support the emphasis of healthy active lifestyles and having a passion for sport. For the A level PE students these practical elements link with part of their qualification which is practical performance.


Dene Magna KS3/4 Core PE Curriculum Design 

Our PE curriculum is delivered to students through the teaching of key concepts across each year. These key concepts link to the national curriculum and fall into one of three categories: Head (cognitive skills), Heart (affective skills) or Hands (psychomotor skills).

Key Concepts:

  • Physical techniques

  • Sporting tactics and strategies

  • Integrity and respect

  • Leadership 

  • Problem solving 

  • Analysis of performance 

  • Competition 

  • Teamwork 

  • Health and fitness

Examples of these concepts can be seen in the PE schemes of learning/content sequencing and also displayed in student friendly roadmaps, allowing students to be able to track/map their learning to see what they have achieved and how they can progress further. We carefully select the sporting context by which these key concepts are delivered across each year group, allowing students to experience a broad range of physical activities whilst ensuring that the sequencing is logical, to allow students to implement their learning across all contexts (mastery learning). Although key concepts seem similar across each year group, there is a key focus on the types of knowledge: Y7 - knowing ‘what’ (declarative knowledge), Y8 - knowing ‘how’ (procedural knowledge), Y9/10/11 - knowing ‘when/why’ (conditional knowledge). Schemes of work are available for staff to follow in order to deliver all sporting contexts effectively in order for the key concepts of our curriculum to be implemented into day to day lessons (in line with our schemes of learning). 

Students are then assessed holistically against these key concepts after each learning context by their class teacher - with the aim of working towards mastery learning. This assessment process allows for teachers to monitor their classes’ progress and make adjustments/interventions in their teaching to accommodate this (see more in ‘Assessment’ section). 


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