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Key Stage 3

KS3 Topics: 

Across KS3 a variety of topics are covered including:

KS3 Rugby, Table Tennis, Netball, Basketball, Core Skills, Football, Health Related Fitness, Badminton, Handball, Softball, Rounders, Tennis, Athletics.

How many lessons per fortnight? 4 ILT

information: Occasional ILT given to research information for the next lesson. Assessment: Ongoing Teacher Assessment across all the topics to inform students of their progress and areas to develop

Out of classroom opportunities:

Regular extracurricular opportunities including fixtures and competitions across all the sports we cover at KS3

Y9 Camp

Netball superleague visit.

An annual ski trip to Austria - Open to Years 8 - 11

Key Stage 4

Content being updated


The intent of the curriculum at KS3 is that students will get the experience of participating in a broad range of activities each year. They study topics for 4 weeks at a time which gives 8 lessons of the same topic. During this time the intent is that students will develop motor skills and a positive attitude towards physical education. The students are now grouped into ability groups which ensure the pace of the lessons is appropriate to each group. This ensures that the maximum progress is achieved. The curriculum runs alongside the extracurricular programme which gives opportunities for those who want to participate in sports fixtures to test themselves in that environment.

Another intent of the curriculum at KS3 is that we can share a love of the subject with all students and there will then be a large number who will go on and study GCSE PE.

At KS4 the curriculum is designed to ensure students continue with physical education at a time when lots of students can be turned off from PE. There is far greater input from the students on what they take part in and from a teaching point of view, we want them to use the curriculum to relieve stress. We want them to continue to develop a positive attitude towards a physical activity which will remain with them through their adult life. For example, the KS4 curriculum can teach students not only the benefits of going to the gym but also the correct techniques for using equipment etc.

The curriculum at KS4 is also designed to continue preparing students for their GCSE PE exams.

At KS4 GCSE PE the intent is that we prepare students for their upcoming exams and furthermore, prepare them for the academic demands of KS5 PE.

At KS5 PE the intent is that the students are fully prepared for their exams and also develop a love of Physical Education for moving onto University and giving them a full, holistic understanding of the sports curriculum.


The curriculum is balanced and broad and meets the needs of all of the students at Dene Magna.

We reduce the number of lessons that students spend on 1 or two topics to enable them to gain access to 5 or 6 topics in the same amount of time.

We set students to ensure the teacher is easily able to personalise the learning to the students.

Running the extracurricular programme alongside the curriculum means we can further develop students in each topic

At KS4 there is a logical structure to the delivery of the theory curriculum which leads on to their exams.


The impact of the curriculum design is that we have a very high uptake at both KS3 & KS4. From KS3 we have a very high calibre of students who are well prepared to study GCSE PE.

For those who don’t go on to study  GCSE PE, we still have a very high number of students who are regularly participating in physical activity and we know that many students remain active after leaving school and continue to study PE post 16.


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