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Physical Education

Head of Department: Mr P Griffiths

Syllabus Title: A-Level Physical Education

 Examination Board: OCR

Length of course: 2 years

Entry requirements:  GCSE Physical Education grade 6 or above and a minimum GCSE grade 5 for both English and Maths.


This course enables students to develop their knowledge and understanding of the science behind physical activity through the study of key systems in the body and how they react to changes in diet and exercise. Students also develop their understanding of the psychological factors that influence performance in physical activity and sport - applying the theory to practical examples, and giving guidance and feedback in constructive ways that are suited to an individual’s personality.

Students also undertake an Evaluation and Analysis of Performance for Improvement (EAPI) task in which they are required to demonstrate effective performance, the use of tactics or techniques and the ability to observe the rules and conventions under applied conditions.

Topics studied in this course:

Physiological Factors Affecting Performance:

  • Applied anatomy and physiology

  • Exercise physiology

  • Biomechanics.


Psychological Factors Affecting Performance:

  • Skill acquisition

  • Sports psychology.


Socio-Cultural Issues in Physical Activity and Sport:

  • Sport and society

  • Contemporary issues in physical activity and sport.


Evaluating and Analysing Performance:

Students are also assessed in the Evaluation and Analysis of Performance for Improvement (EAPI). They observe a live or recorded performance by a peer and provide an oral analysis and critical evaluation of their peer’s performance.

Coursework and assessment of the course:

Paper 1: Physiological factors affecting performance - 2hrs, 90 marks (30%)

Paper 2: Psychological factors affecting performance - 1hr, 60 marks (20%)

Paper 3: Socio-cultural issues in physical activity and sport - 1hr, 60 marks (20%)

NEA: Assessment in the role of either performer or coach in one practical activity - 30 marks (15%)

EAPI task - 30 marks (15%)

Post A Level:

Students wishing to continue their study from A-Level Physical Education are able to progress onto many higher education courses under the Physical Education banner. They could choose to pursue a career in sport or PE such as physiotherapy, coaching or consultancy - or become a professional sportsperson!

What the students say about this course:

“I’m enjoying learning about the science behind sport”

“I’ve gained in-depth knowledge of specific sports and expanded my own understanding. PE gives us the opportunity to take part in practical sport, or coaching”

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