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Syllabus Title: Physics

Examination Board: Edexcel

Assessment Outline: 3 examination papers and 12 core practicals 

  •  Paper 1: Advanced Physics 1 - 1 hour 45 mins (30%)
  •  Paper 2: Advanced Physics 2- 1 hour 45 mins (30%)
  • Paper 3: General and Practical Principles in Physics- 2 hours 30 mins (40%

The topics studied in A-level physics are broad and wide ranging and will be taught across the two years by two teachers. They are:

  •  Working as a physicist
  •  Mechanics
  •  Electric Circuits
  •  Further Mechanics
  •  Electric and Magnetic Fields
  • Nuclear and Particle Physics
  • Materials Waves
  • Thermodynamics
  •  Space
  • Nuclear Radiation
  •  Gravitational Fields
  •  Oscillations  

The course begins with a study of the laws, theories and models of physics and finishes with an exploration of their practical applications. Taking you on a journey from Newton’s Laws to the beginnings of space and dark matter; Physics will build on communication and calculation skills throughout the two years of investigative approaches. Students will see a step up from GCSE, however, the course has been planned to allow support and confidence in the content to develop. It is a content led course that allows for a challenging and engaging atmosphere in lessons. We run the Edexcel course as it flows nicely from the GCSE courses we study. Students will complete similar core practicals and will be familiar to the resources that are used. 

Entry Requirements:

  •  Grade 6 or above in Physics or 6-6 or above in Combined science
  •  Grade 6 in Maths 

 Future Career Options:

  •  Engineering (Civil, nuclear, mechanical, medical
  •   Astronaut
  •  Astronomer
  •  Architect
  •  Physicist
  •  Research scientist
  •  Music industry
  •  Media industry
  •  Automotive Industry
  • Jobs that don’t exist yet!!!