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Welcome future A level Physics students!

Welcome to Dene Magna sixth form. You have made a fantastic choice in choosing to study Physics, as being successful at Physics in sixth form not only gives you what you need to go further into the fields of Engineering, Physics, Mathematics and Technology, but also demonstrates to future universities and employers that you have skills applicable to any future course or job. Being organised with your studies, being hard working and willing to tackle complicated situations are skills essential for successful A level Physics students. This literally is rocket science after all. :)

Physics is written in the language of maths, and so we will be building on and strengthening the maths skills you have learnt at GCSE. In particular, rearranging equations, calculating gradients and using standard form are maths skills you will be using right from day one!

We will be applying your mad maths skills to the world around us in topics like, Space, Mechanics, Thermodynamics, Electricity and Materials to name but 5. 

I look forward to seeing you in September,

Miss Allison

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