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Curriculum Intent Overview

The intent of A Level Politics is to help students understand the evolving political environment in the UK and USA.  Students studying it will gain core knowledge and understanding of politics both in practice and in theory.  In lessons they will examine the workings of democracy and government as well as political philosophy which has shaped the country and continues to do so.  During their time they will be expected to keep up to date with current affairs and political issues and have the opportunity to voice their opinions.  They will be expected to organise and run a “mock election” for the entire Sixth Form and there will be an opportunity to visit Parliament.

Politics A Level does not have course work but students will be assessed throughout the course, ready for their final exams in year 13.  They will learn how to write effectively and concisely, and this is even more important for cohorts who may have missed out on these skills during Covid lockdowns.

We intend to build a range of skills in politics in order to help students achieve their full potential and also to help them to carve out careers based on their learning, should they wish to in the future.