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Dear Politics Class '22!

Mr Evans and Mr Harrington here!  We just wanted to tell you how excited we are to see how many of you are joining us in September!   Politics A-Level is such an exciting subject - there is no other subject where things can change, literally, overnight!  That's one of the things that makes this so exciting!  But another really important, exciting thing for us, is seeing the year 12 and 13s enjoying the excitement, as we argue, debate, laugh and make fun of leaders, policies, stupidity and even (occasionally) extraordinary cleverness, all while working towards a really valuable A-Level!   So make sure you're watching the news, listening to podcasts, reading newspapers and forming opinions on everything you hear about politics  - both in the UK and in the USA.  Be aware that not everything you hear will be true - if it sounds extreme, it's probably not true, so be careful, particularly with podcasts!  Politics is a dangerous subject...that's one reason why you're going to love it!

See you in September!
Messrs E & H

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Political TV Shows you could watch

  •  The Thick of it - BBC - comedy
  •  Have I Got News For You - BBC
  •  VEEP - Hard to find online for free but funny if you can get it
  •  House of Cards - Netflix (this is “18” rated so ask a parent first!)
  •  The Brexit Storm: Laura Kuenssberg’s Inside Story (youtube)