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Syllabus Title: Psychology

Examination Board: AQA

Assessment Outline:

AS Level 

Unit 1

Introductory Topics in Psychology

Social Influence Memory Attachment

Unit 2

Psychology in Context

Approaches in psychology Biopsychology

Psychopathology Research methods

Scientific processes

Data handling and analysis


A Level (3 Units will be studied from)
Issues and Options in Psychology Relationships 
  Cognition and Development
  Eating Behaviour
  Forensic Psychology

Studying A level Psychology will allow you to explore the science of behaviour, coming to a better understanding of the influence of nature and nurture on human development. Psychology is a fascinating study that has many practical applications in areas such as medicine, social work, teaching and many other areas of life.

Psychology is a science and requires a good understanding of scientific process and statistical methods.

Entry Requirements: There is no requirement to have studied Psychology at GCSE. Grade 6 in Science and Maths is recommended.