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AQA A Level Psychology


The intent of A-Level psychology is to provide students with the knowledge and skills required for the scientific study of the human mind and behaviour. Across two years of study, students will gain sophisticated insights into the role that biology, cognitive thought processes, social influences and the environment play in influencing human behaviour. Students will also become skilled at conducting academic research, from initial concept through to data collection and analysis.

The format of the course has been carefully considered to ensure that by the end of the first term students have already achieved a solid understanding of fundamental psychological concepts and can understand and evaluate scientific research.  This format allows students to rapidly progress toward the skills of critical evaluation that are required to achieve the highest marks in exams. In preparation for future careers, students will increasingly apply their psychological knowledge to real-life contexts. By year 13 students will be well-prepared to engage with the popular topics of crime, relationships and schizophrenia. Although the course can be challenging, students will receive excellent support, and it is important to teachers that students enjoy their lessons.

The psychology A Level provides an excellent starting point for anybody who wants to train as a professional psychologist or work in any profession where an understanding of the human mind and behaviour would be beneficial. The depth of training in research methods also provides students with a significant advantage if they progress to any university degree or employment that requires the design and completion of research projects. Students leave the course as well-rounded academics with a broad understanding of human behaviour.

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