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Our intent across KS3, 4 and 5 is to deliver a high standard curriculum focusing on consistency of delivery in order to safeguard our students. We aim to expose and educate our students about the wider world whilst incorporating topics of significance to our school. We will do this by recognising the rural setting of our school and facilitate opportunities for students to learn about matters that may not seem as relevant to them at this time but could be in the future. RSHE at Dene Magna will be flexible by reacting to events in our school and local community. We intend to foster pupil wellbeing and enable students to develop resilience that we know are fundamental to pupils being happy, successful and productive members of society especially in reaction to COVID-19 and the impact this has had on student well being. We are teaching about mental wellbeing and prioritise it as a theme throughout various topics covered in this curriculum.

RSHE at Dene Magna is implemented in twice weekly RSHE lessons during RFL. We have taken a collaborative approach in that tutors design a lesson per half term and share with the other tutors in the year group. This is to enable consistency for pupils. All tutors adapt the lessons for their tutor group. There is flexibility in the RSHE scheme of work for tutors to deliver one off topics to address topics of significance to our school. RSHE mornings will react to Student Voice on topics they feel need addressing. 

Student understanding will be assessed through Google Form evaluations at the end of each term (three times a year). The tutor will react to the results of the evaluation and use the subsequent RSHE lesson to further pupils’ understanding. The results of the evaluation will also inform next year's curriculum. The RSHE report will also involve feedback from parents/carers and the local community. Heads of Houses complete learning walks to provide feedback on the delivery of RSHE.