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Religious Studies

KS3 Topics:

Jesus and Christianity, Judaism, Sikhism, Does God Exist, Different beliefs about God, The Existence of suffering and evil, the Holocaust, life after death, influential modern religious leaders, introductions to Hinduism, Sikhism, Buddhism and Islam.

How many lessons per fortnight? 2

ILT information:   Background research tasks including lesson preparation by watching youtube clips.

Assessment: Assessments are varied from self-assessments to formative assessments

Out of classroom opportunities: Speakers such as the Gideons as well as an annual competition for an international charity about Peace.


KS4 Topics:

1 lesson a fortnight for Core RS

5 lessons a fortnight for GCSE RS

Even if students do not opt for the GCSE, they will be required to attend Core RS lessons until they leave at the end of year 11.  Topics explore moral and ethical issues and students will be encouraged to discuss their own opinions and will learn the opinions of different religions and cultures about these topics. Topics include Peace, War and Justice, Human Relationships and Medical Ethics, amongst others.

GCSE RS covers a whole range of topics while exploring the religions of Christianity and Islam.