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Roles and Responsibilities

The Headteacher is responsible for: 

  • The management of all aspects of the school’s work, including provision for pupils with special educational needs 

  • Working closely with the SENCo 

  • The deployment of all special educational needs personnel within the school 


The Director of SEN is responsible for: 

  • Overseeing the day to day operation of the school’s SEND policy at Dene Magna and in other schools within the Trust 

  • Co-ordinating the provision for pupils with special educational needs

  • Ensuring that an agreed, consistent approach is adopted across the Trust 

  • Liaising with and advising staff 

  • Helping staff to identify pupils with special educational needs 

  • Carrying out assessments and observations of pupils with specific learning problems

  • Supporting class teachers in devising strategies and drawing up plans, setting targets appropriate to the needs of the pupils, and advising on appropriate resources and materials for use with pupils with special educational needs and on the effective use of materials and personnel in the classroom 

  • Liaising closely with parents of pupils with SEND alongside class teachers, so that they are aware of the strategies that are being used and are involved as partners in the process 

  • Liaising with outside agencies, arranging meetings and providing a link between these agencies, class teachers and parents

  • Maintaining the school’s SEND register and records 

  • Assisting in the monitoring and evaluation of progress of pupils with SEND using existing assessment information, e.g. class-based assessments/records, end of year tests, etc. 

  • Contributing to the in-service training of staff 

  • Liaising with the SENCos within the Trust and at other primary schools to help provide a smooth transition from one setting to the other 

  • Monitoring and reporting to governors about the impact of provision on progress of students 

  • Updating governors on key SEND issues 


Class teachers are responsible for: 

  • Providing high quality teaching for all pupils 

  • Assessing pupil’s needs and planning appropriate adjustments, interventions and support to match the outcomes identified for the pupil (in liaison with the SENCo, parents and pupil) 

  • Regularly reviewing the impact of these adjustments, interventions and support, including pupils with SEND in the classroom, through providing an appropriately differentiated curriculum

  • Retaining responsibility for the pupil, including working with the pupil on a daily basis 

  • Making themselves aware of the school’s SEND policy and procedures for identification, monitoring and supporting pupils with SEND

  • Directly liaising with parents of pupils with SEND


What are the Governors’ responsibilities? 

The governors ensure that: 

  • The SEND code of practice 2014 is implemented and followed in school 

  • The Single Equality Act 2010 is followed to eliminate prejudice and discrimination against pupils with special educational needs 

  • An accessibility plan is in place and pertinent to the school for both sites 

  • Those pupils with SEND are perceived positively by all members of the school community, and that SEND and inclusive provision is positively valued and accessed by staff and parents/carers 

  • That we are able to meet the needs of as wide a range as possible of pupils who live in our catchment area.